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5 Easy Ways to Cure a Hangover

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Waking up after a crazy night out can be a torture, especially if you had way too much to drink. First, in order to avoid a horrible hang over, you should eat before you start drinking, and it would be good to put something in your mouth after you’re done and before you go to bed. No, it’s not good for your figure (and neither is excessive drinking), but it will help you survive the next day. However, if you’ve woken up and you simply cannot function thanks to your hangover, you’re probably trying to find ways to cure it. Although nothing will make you feel like you didn’t drink anything the previous day, there are some ways to make things easier and become functional.

But first, it is important that you understand that drinking more alcohol is a very bad idea, especially if your goal is to cure your hangover. It will numb you at the beginning, but by having a drink in the morning you will only prolong the inevitable hangover and probably cause an even worse headache. Also, experts agree that if you take a drink in the morning, you’re increasing the risk of becoming dependent on alcohol, and that’s probably not what you want. Now let’s move on to the things that will actually help you.

1. Hydration

Water, water, water. This magical liquid that you have in your house just waiting to be used is not just the source of life – it can help you feel better when you’re having a hangover. Alcohol pretty much dehydrates your body and it leads to feeling tired, dysfunctional, dizzy… While drinking lots of water while you’re drinking can help you stay hydrated and decrease the risk of a horrible hangover, drinking it the next morning can be of huge help as well. Maybe you don’t feel like consuming anything when you’re feeling like you want to die or sleep for an entire day, but not drinking water is a very big mistake. Make sure you have a big glass of water next to you at all times, and drink as much as possible.

2. Electrolytes


After you’ve drunk a lot of alcohol your body goes into a state of dehydration and you lose electrolytes. You lose even more of them if you’ve been throwing up. Luckily, there are many electrolyte-enhanced waters (usually called sports drink because they help your body hydrate quickly after a workout) that have potassium and sodium added to them which help your body absorb water more quickly. These waters are a life saver when you’re extremely hungover. They have the ability to make your mind and body reboot in the matter of an hour or two. So if you are tortured by the excessive amount of alcohol you drank last night, go to the nearest store and buy a bottle of electrolyte-enhanced water and help yourself recover quickly.

3. Orange juice

Whoever tried drinking orange juice to cure a hangover knows how effective it can be. Orange juice contains high levels of fruit sugar – fructose, which increases the levels of your energy while also helping your liver processing the toxins that stayed in your body and are causing you to feel sick. When you drink, alcohol behaves as a diuretic, causing significant amounts of vitamin C to leave your body. Orange juice takes care of that as well. But don’t buy some juice in a box, take an orange and squeeze it yourself.

4. Toast

Remember all those times when you were a little boy or girl and your mother fed you with toast when you were sick and throwing up? Well, toast works similarly in this situation and although it may not stop you from hugging the toilet again, it will raise your blood sugar levels in the morning, which will then cause your liver to activate and easily metabolize all the alcohol you drank the previous night. If you don’t eat anything with carbohydrates, the liver struggles with metabolizing the alcohol and doesn’t raise the glucose levels in your blood, which can leave you feeling tired and sick.

5. Ginger

Ginger has long been known for its ability to help pregnant women reduce nausea and vomiting in the first few months of pregnancy. As hangovers also cause these symptoms, numerous people have tried using ginger to cure them, and it has worked on many occasions. You can make ginger tea or infuse some fizzy water with ginger. In fact, anything that contains a good amount of ginger can help you cure the symptoms of a hangover. However, don’t reach for an alcoholic drink that contains it – you will only delay a hangover that way.

The best cure is… PREVENTION. You’re a grown person, and you should know how to drink responsibly, especially if you’re going to work the next day or you have a family depending on you. If you drink faster, the alcohol levels in your blood rise faster, and you’re at a higher risk of waking up with a hangover. Always drink water with each shot or drink to avoid dehydration and don’t forget to eat before you start drinking. Is the point of a night out really to get wasted and be dysfunctional the next day? Drink a little less and use your common sense and you’ll be fine. However, we all drink a little too much sometimes, and in those situations these advice may come in handy.