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20 Healthy Food Substitutes

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1. Instead of cream use pureed beans and nuts for a creamy soup.

Cream adds so much flavor and richness to any dish but it is such a shame that it can be so unhealthy. Cream has as much as 20 calories (wait-for-it) PER TEASPOON and you and I both know a teaspoon of cream just isn’t enough. Try a cup or two, that’s more like it.


So what is a foodie to do when a recipe specifically requires cream, but you’re trying to watch your waistline? It’s quite simple, just add pureed beans!

The swap is rather unexpected but beans add just as much creaminess to any soup without the added calories.

For one, beans have zero-cholesterol and even lower the risk of developing heart disease. It is the one food most, if not all, centenarians enjoy the most as their source of protein. It is also rich in carbohydrates and soluble fiber. It’s practically a complete meal.

Because beans are such a rich source of fiber it tends to fill you up real fast. This results to fewer calories consumed and can even aid weight loss if you eat it often enough.

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