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20 Foods That Fooled Us Into Thinking They’re Healthy

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2. Cereal

Around a third of the American population eats cereal for breakfast, and they think they’re eating something healthy. There are numerous brands of cereal available on the market, and many of them have the inscription ‘healthy’ or ‘fitness’, but those products usually contain lots of sugar and calories. Moreover, in order to make them looking so appealing and nicely shaped, the manufacturers process cereal -which usually leads to destruction of vitamins and minerals- nutrients which are useful for us. In order to compensate for this loss, they add these nutrients into their product, but those are artificial ingredients and are not even close to the natural ones.

Eating breakfast cereal isn’t actually the healthiest way to start your day. There are numerous synthetic vitamins and minerals which ‘contribute’ to the quality of these products and without which these cereals would be just an unhealthy snack nobody would want to buy. When they go through processing, cereals also use fiber, important for your digestion.

If you like eating cereals for breakfast, but you also want to eat as healthy as possible, consider making an alternative. Buy some whole grains, add some nuts, and you’ll eat whole and healthy food without any artificial ingredients.

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