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12 Food Lies That Keep Us Sick and Fat

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1. All calories are the same, no matter their source.

Many people try to maintain or lose weight by counting calories and they allow themselves to eat anything they want as long as it fits into their daily calorie allowance.

It is true that you shouldn’t take in too many calories, especially if you want to lose weight, but what is more important is where those calories come from.

Our bodies metabolize calories from different sources in different ways, and it has been proven that people who eat the same amount of calories, but different types of food, lose weight (or gain it) differently.


Take for example two persons of the same gender, height and start weight, both taking 2,500 calories. The first person is eating only fatty, carbohydrate rich foods, while the other one is eating protein-rich, low-carb foods. What do you think who will lose more weight? Or, to put it more simply – who do you think will lose more fat?

If you cut down on calories but continue eating junk food, you may lose weight, but you won’t lose much fat. On the other hand, with the same amount of calories, if your diet is based on protein, you will lose fat and gain lean muscle. And not to mention how much better you will look than the person eating junk food.

Moreover, one Snickers bar contains 52 grams and 250 calories. That is the same amount of calories as in, for example 200 grams of chicken breasts, and what do you think will better satisfy your hunger? Also, a Snickers bar contains lots of sugar, some protein, and some fat, while chicken breasts are almost pure protein.

It is definitely not all about the calories, but about the nutrients as well.

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