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10 Products Which Could Be Made 100x Healthier If the Food Industry Gave Up On 1% of Profit

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It is a widely known fact that the more foods are processed the less nutrients they contain and the less healthy they are. Less processed foods are always more filling and healthier than their processed counterparts, as much of the fiber and nutrients are lost during the processing.

Moreover, most processed foods contain added sugar which significantly increases the number of calories without adding to the sense of fullness, which ends up making you want and need to eat more in order to satisfy your hunger. Food producers know this, but processing brings them profit, and the health of consumers isn’t as important to them. Unfortunately, food producers are unwilling to give up even a small portion of their profit, even if it means consumers would have healthier and better foods.

Giving up only one percent of their profits would be enough to make certain foods much healthier.


1. Bacon

The bacon you can make at home is not much like the bacon you buy in a store. The bacon you can purchase in a supermarket is usually highly processed and contains ingredients that you wouldn’t willingly put, such as sugar. Bacon is cured, salted, and spiced in order to keep harmful bacteria away and add some taste. Not all bacon is bad, but what you buy in stores usually comes from farmed pigs that were fed hormones and GM foods so they would grow larger and produce more meat.

Factory-farmed pigs are usually fed casein, cornmeal and soy, and those foods decrease the content of vitamin D in bacon. On the other hand, this vitamin is present in good amounts in bacon that comes from pastured pigs.

Of course, there is also the fact that farmed pigs are usually kept indoors and away from the sun for almost the entire year, which makes them less healthy than pasture pigs. It wouldn’t cost food producers much to provide a space for those pigs outside and give them some healthier food, but it would make bacon much healthier to eat.

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