Yoga for a Stronger Spine

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Having a strong and flexible spine means feeling better physically and mentally and being more energized. If your spine is weak, you are probably frequently experiencing pain which exhausts you, again, both physically and mentally. Also, sitting behind the desk for the whole day can have a very negative impact on your spine, and being physically active during the day is essential in order to keep it healthy and avoid back pain as much as possible.

Yoga is very good for improving body balance and overall health, and for this purpose we will present yoga poses that are particularly good for the flexibility and strength of your spine.

1. Child’s Pose

Any variety of this exercise will be alright, so do whichever you feel good about. You can hold your arms wherever they feel comfortable, your knees together or apart and inhale. While you let the air deep into your lungs you should feel the vertebrae separate subtly. While you exhale, let your body relax on the floor or on a yoga math. Do this for as long as it feels good.

2. Plank Pose


Inhale and place your arms and feet on the ground and stretch until you find yourself in a plank pose. Your core should be held tight and your entire body should be in a straight line. While you are in the plank position, try to breathe in and out slowly three times, and with the last exhale let your body gently lower onto the mat with your elbows next to your ribs. Be careful when you descend not to hit the ground, but gently touch it until your whole weight is laid down.

3. Cobra Pose

With your face towards the mat, lie down and then gently lift your upper body while your legs are still pressed to the ground. Your pubic bone and pelvis should be pressed to the mat and your tummy slightly drawn in while your whole core is engaged. This pose is good for lengthening your spine.

Slowly move your arms back from in front of you to behind your shoulders and keep them down while your belly is still engaged. Your head should be in a neutral position. While in this position, take a deep breath and then slowly exhale while letting your body descend to the ground, gently.

Once you are down, move your arms to the sides of your body, put your head to one side, put your big toes together and let the heels open. This will relax your lower back muscles.

4. Downward Dog Pose

Inhale and place your feet and hands onto the ground. While you are exhaling place your body in a position resembling a downward facing dog. Stay in this position for a few seconds while pedaling your feet.

For this pose, your body should resemble a triangle, together with the ground as a hypotenuse, your shoulders in a straight line with your upper body, your bottom faced to the ceiling and your knees slightly bent.

Finish this pose by inhaling, putting your right foot between your hands and exhaling.