What Are the Benefits of Couples Workout

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Training with your best friend or any other kind of workout partner can be very useful, especially when it comes to motivation and making sure you don’t get bored or become inconsistent. Many great fitness instructors choose to exercise with their friend or significant other. But why is training with your boyfriend or girlfriend so beneficial?

1. It makes things more interesting.

First, couples workouts help couples learn more about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, at least when it comes to the physical aspect. But, more importantly, working out together makes your relationship a little different than it used to be. You are not stuck in a dating, movie-watching, dining routine which can get pretty boring when you are in a long-term relationship. Every relationship needs something fresh once in a while, and working out together just may be your thing. Also, overcoming obstacles together may make your relationship more solid and harmonious.

2. Working out boosts your sex drive.

According to a study conducted in 2008 at Florida Atlantic University, both men and women who exercised regularly saw an improvement regarding sexual performance and desirability. The study also found that women who exercise frequently are more sensitive to touch and more easily stimulated, while men’s sexual function is significantly improved. This leads both sexes to be more interested in sex, and working out together will put you on the same page and your sex life is likely to become much better. Moreover, as exercising leads to looking better and being tighter, it also raises your confidence which directly leads to an increased sex drive and better emotional health. Getting to that state with your significant other can mean a lot for your bedroom, as well as for the health of your relationship.

3. You get to spend more time with your loved one.


If both you and your partner are working full-time and you both want to work out afterwards, but it is keeping you from spending time together, why wouldn’t you try exercising together? Sometimes it is really difficult to fit everything you need and want to do in those short 24 hours, but it is all manageable if you just organize yourself. Going to the gym or for a run together may give you some time together while you’ll be doing something useful at the same time. Isn’t that a win-win combination?

4. Your partner will be honest with you.

One reason why exercising with your boyfriend or girlfriend beats exercising with your friend is that your significant other is someone who really wants you to get as healthy and fit as possible, and they will try to help you achieve your goal with encouragement. If you start slacking, your partner (if he/she honestly cares about you) will tell you you should stick to your plan and support you. If you are not giving your best, they will push you to try harder. You and your partner can be each other’s personal trainer and help each other reach your goal faster and more easily.

5. You won’t skip workouts because you have committed to exercise with your significant other.

Standing up a friend is not as serious as standing up a boyfriend/girlfriend. You don’t want to leave them hanging, so you’ll go to the gym even if you don’t feel like it. Also, if you don’t go, you will feel very guilty knowing that your partner went the extra mile while you didn’t. You don’t want to let your partner down, so you stay consistent, and that is very good for you.

6. Your partner understands your routine and respects it.

People who work out regularly often face judgment because they choose to spend an hour or two at the gym every day (or several days a week) instead of hanging out or doing something else. Being in a relationship with someone who also works out is a definite plus as he/she will understand that you want to eat healthy and exercise because they do too. But exercising with that person is so much better than just being with someone who also exercises because you get to do what you like together, and that will create an even stronger bond between you. Your partner will never try to convince you to skip your training session – they will understand your schedule and respect it.

7. You will both be happier.

Exercising is known to raise the levels of serotonin and make people happier and more energized. Working out together will bring much energy to your relationship and you’ll be more open to engage in various outdoor and indoor activities which will keep your relationship fresh and fun.