Should Gym Newbies Hire a Personal Trainer?

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The road to fitness is a long and arduous one, but it doesn’t have to be. A surefire way to navigate through the rough fitness waters with ease is by hiring a personal trainer. This is especially true when you are new at the gym. Going to the gym can be a little bit intimidating at first, especially when you have no idea how to use the wealth of equipment available to you. According to the National Federation of Professional Trainers a “personal trainer” is a professional who possesses the required skills, knowledge and ability to ensure a safe and effective exercise regimen to facilitate fitness goals and expectations.

Personal trainers can be invaluable to you if you are serious about your fitness goals. Personal trainers can provide invaluable guidance and information to you as you journey through fitness.


The machines at the gym may seem straightforward enough, but operating them without any knowledge of proper grip or form could leave you open to injury. Gripping too lightly could cause the weights to slip and fall on your toes, or having improper squat form could hurt your back. All of these mistakes could be avoided if you had a personal trainer to correct you and guide you as you workout.

To help you avoid injuries trainers will prescribe an exercise regimen that is appropriate for your fitness level and quite deliberately walk you through everything, especially if you are new at the gym. Their knowledge of the human anatomy and their ability to design personal and group programs will give you access to exercise programs that will challenge you but not strain you physically.


Having an injury might discourage some people from going to the gym but having a qualified trainer could help you work around your injury. Given that your physician and physical therapist have given you the go ahead to work out, staying fit and motivated through an injury could help you recover faster.


The most common reason why newbies drop out of their gym membership is their inability to sustain the motivation they had when they signed up for the gym in the first place. Do you know who can keep you motivated until you reach your fitness goals? Your trainer at the gym. Knowing you made an appointment to see a person, makes you more likely to get up and show up. It also doesn’t hurt that you’ve most likely paid for that session too and that now you will be throwing away all that money if you don’t show up.

Besides holding you accountable for your fitness appointments, personal trainers are a rich source of support and constructive criticism. Trainers are more equipped to see progress milestones, even the ones we don’t spot, so they are able to encourage us to keep going because they can see the teeny-tiny steps we make. They will push you to soldier on and walk with you all along the way, making you feel like somebody really has your back on this goal you set for yourself.


One way to spot a “newbie” at the gym is by the amount of time they waste instead of focusing on their workouts. Sounds like you? You might be in need of a personal trainer ASAP. Personal trainers can help you maximize your workouts while minimizing on time. They can also optimize every workout session to target different problem areas. That’s a great bang for your (figurative) buck right there. A lot of people complain about not having enough time to take care of themselves physically. Talking to your personal trainer about time constraints can help him or her design a program around your schedule making regular tweaks and improvements to maximize your results.


What if you are new at the gym but want to eventually start working out at home? A personal trainer can definitely help you make the transition. Your trainer could teach you how to do your gym routine at home, using your own machines. They can also do one-on-one at home sessions to monitor your results.


Most humans have a tendency to underestimate the calories they consume and their ability to push through a workout. But just when you’re about to give up and call it a day, guess who is urging you to go for 10 more reps or swim for 4 more laps — your personal trainer that’s who. And you know what, you will be all the better for it!

It might not be completely necessary to get a trainer to be able to use the gym, but if you are just starting out and you are dead set on seeing results, getting a personal instructor who can guide you through everything is the best way to go. Sure, it’s going to cost you a little bit more money, but all the times you quit on a gym membership because you lost interest is going to add up real fast too. Take the jump — if you are going to do something great for your body, like getting fit, might as well do it right.