Fitness Plan That Has Shaped the Body of the Queen of Pop: Exercise like Madonna

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I believe that we can all agree that Madonna at the age of 57 looks amazing, and according to her, she feels amazing as well. Now think about how your typical 50-something year old looks like and then look at Madonna – unbelievable, I know!

Keeping that body tight and young-looking isn’t an easy feat, so we have turned to Craig Smith, Madonna’s personal fitness trainer and creative director of Hard Candy Fitness, to teach us his secret ways of Madonna’s success.

So we bring to you 5 exercises that are the base of Madonna’s daily workout plan.

1. The Arabesque Position (works your arms, shoulders, abs, glutes, and chest)

This exercise is a variation of traditional push-ups. Lower yourself to a wide arm push-up position and extend one leg up to the arabesque position (which is basically raising one leg and suspending it in mid-air) all the while pressing down into your hands.  Keep your back straight. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. Repeat that for 60s, alternating leg extensions with each repetition.


2. Center Squat to Plank Walk (works your butt, legs, thighs, abs, and arms)

Stand with your feet facing forward and your back straight, holding 5 lb dumbbells beside you. Slowly lower your body onto the floor, plank walk and hold that position for a second or two. Plank walk back to a center squat and raise your body back to the initial standing position (with the dumbbells still in your hands). Do this for 60s.

3. Plank to Forward Lunge with Arm Row (works your back, abs, butt, legs, and arms)

Leave a pair of 5-7 lb dumbbells to support your weight. Hold onto the dumbbells in an isometric plank position and then alternate lunging forward, and really get your foot as close to your hand as possible. Hold for 30s and then hold the lunge on one leg and complete single arm rows with your opposite hand. Do this for 30s, start over and row with the other arm.

4. Curtsy Lunge to Side Attitude (works your legs, thighs, and glutes)

Position your body in the upright position and then do three curtsy lunges after which you should lift your leg up and out, bending at the knee. Do this 10 times on each side and repeat the exercise 2-3 times.

5. Knee Repeater (works your abs, butt, thighs, legs, and arms)

Be in the upright stationary lunge position. Position one leg in front of you, bending it at the knee, while the other should stay in the initial position. Spread your arms above your head and keep them extended while you bend and raise your knee towards your hands. Stabilize with your supporting foot as you raise your knee explosively three times. Switch and repeat on the other side. Do this for 45-60s.

Madonna does these exercises every day and if you do too, you can expect great things. Of course, don’t forget to balance your diet.