Fit Without The Gym! 3 At-Home Exercises

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Whether the issue is time or money, there are just some days when we cannot afford to go to the gym. Does this mean we have an excuse to become lax on our fitness? Heck no! Below are some amazing ideas on how to work out at home without sacrificing great results.

1. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Jump Rope

Jump rope exercises are some of the best ever cardio exercises you can do at home. It requires very little space and burns so many calories in so little time. It is perfect for when you are looking to burn a maximum number of calories in very little time and is actually a great exercise for increasing bone density.

As a start, you could begin with a workout routine that involves a simple bounce (feet together, lifting an inch of the floor each time) movement for 30 minutes.

Once you’ve mastered that you can move on to much more complicated moves or better yet a HIIT interval jump rope training that alternates between periods of 60 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for a total of 20 cycles or 20 minutes.

2. Deadlifts and Variations

Deadlifts, whether done with dumbbells or barbells, are the simplest total body workout moves out there.

The move requires a majority of your major muscle groups to work , upping the calorie burn and training your muscles to work together (as opposed to muscle specific groups that can grow one muscle group but leave others atrophied).

Deadlifts, and a myriad of their variations, create a strong core and help stabilize your hips and your back. They also strengthen everything from your grip to your calves. A move that simultaneously works your muscles and increases bone mass can improve speed, power and athleticism.

At the beginning, you might want to start lifting low and focus on form before anything else. 

Plant your feet firmly to the ground, tighten your abs and straighten your back, keeping your tail bone down. With dumbbells in both hands slowly lower your torso forward and down, remembering to keep your back straight and knees slightly bent. The power of this move should come from your legs and your glutes – not your arms or your upper back.


A variation of the dumbbell deadlift is to grab a pair of dumbbells, stand on your left foot and then lift your right foot off the ground positioning your lower right leg parallel to the floor. From this position slowly bend your hips forward and slowly lower your body as far as you can and then come back up to the starting position.

3. 7-Minute at Home Workout

This workout will stop all of your excuses dead in their tracks.

Topping at 7 minutes and 10 seconds at most, this 7 minute home workout has been scientifically proven to have the same impact as a long run and a weight lifting session. The findings were published in the American College of Sports Medicine, Health and Fitness, and they outline 12 exercises that should be executed in the highest intensity possible. In fact, therein lays the tricky part. That this exercise, though only 7 minutes, should be 7 minutes of pure torture. As in level 8-10 effort for 7 whole minutes.

Each exercise should be performed at maximum intensity for 20 seconds before taking another 10 seconds to rest before the next exercise. 

The flow of the workout is as follows:

  • Jumping jacks – 20 secs.
  • Rest – 10 secs.
  • Push ups (full) – 20 secs.
  • Rest – 10 secs.
  • Abdominal crunches – 20 secs.
  • Rest – 10 secs.
  • Step-ups onto chair – 20 secs.
  • Rest – 10 secs.
  • Squats – 20 secs.
  • Rest – 10 secs.
  • Triceps dips (chair) – 20 secs.
  • Rest – 10 secs.
  • Planks – 20 secs.
  • Rest – 10 secs.
  • High knee run in place – 20 secs.
  • Rest – 10 secs.
  • Lunges – 20 secs.
  • Rest – 10 secs.
  • Push ups with rotation – 20 secs.
  • Rest – 10 secs.
  • Side planks (right) – 20 secs.
  • Rest – 10 secs.
  • Side planks (left) – 20 secs.


The marriage of media and technology has given us the opportunity to enjoy thousands of free fitness videos online, especially on YouTube. Most of these exercises will be geared for those who prefer to exercise at home and will require minimum to no equipment. Some of our favorite channels on YouTube are:

  • Fitness Blender: HIIT cardio, strength training, kickboxing and crazy 1000-calorie workouts.
  • Blogilates: Pop Pilates, Pilates, dance cardio and free monthly workout guides.

Best part, all these workout videos are free!