Avoid These 7 Exercising Mistakes!

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Beginner exercisers sometimes, even if they exercise regularly, don’t seem to be able to achieve any significant results. When this happens people usually blame the fitness routine and become unmotivated so much that they even get tempted to quit working out altogether. But with beginners (and not only them), mistakes in exercising happen, sometimes because a person didn’t bother to first learn the proper way, and sometimes because they were taught (or shown) wrong. When exercises are not performed properly they don’t give you the wanted results and they can even lead to injuries, so learning what NOT to do when exercising is very important. Working smart here beats working hard.

1. Leaning on the cardio equipment.

Dr. Debi Pillarella from the American Council on Exercise calls this “the gym slouch”. It’s when a person leans on a cardio machine (stair master, treadmill, orbitrack) and slouches. When you do this, your back is bent and there is no support for your spine.

When doing a cardio workout, you should always keep your back straight.

2. Holding onto your cardio machine.

Holding tight to the cardio machine you are working on is cheating because by doing so you are putting less effort into your exercise. By holding the grips with your hands you are preventing your arms from moving which means that you will burn fewer calories. Holding also makes it easier for you to lose control over your body posture and slouch.

If you don’ t feel stable enough to completely let go of the grips, Pillarella suggests putting only your fingers onto the grips, just to be sure, but without holding them. Eventually, you can only lean one finger on each grip and almost not touch it at all.

3. Thinking doing only cardio is enough.


To lose weight the best would be to combine strength training with cardio training. You are probably wondering how will you lose weight if you are lifting weights that will pump up your muscles. Well, the mechanism of your body is a little complicated and it is no wonder that you didn’t figure it out on your own. The fact is – the more lean muscle you have, the more your body is able to burn calories while you are doing your cardio training.

4. Trying to do your strength exercise as quickly as possible.

Trying to do your reps as quickly as possible increases the risk of injuring your joints. You will not have better results by doing this.

Instead, lift the weights in a normal rhythm and hold them for a while in the position in which contraction is the strongest. Pillarella suggests exhaling when the work is the hardest.

5. Using your torso, neck and head as help when working on your abs.

If you are working on your abs like crazy and not seeing any results it may be because you are not doing the exercises right.

Pillarela says that the contraction should be in the area from the rib cage to the hip bone and stresses the importance of working on your abs during your abdominal workout and leaving the other muscles out of it.

6. Doing the same exercises over and over again.

When it comes to some things doing the same activity over and over again increases your ability to do it right and lets you adapt to it. It is good if you want to build endurance or when you are doing a combat sport and learning fighting techniques. On the other hand, if you are trying to lose weight or increase strength you need to change your workout routine once in a while if you don’t want to hit a plateau.

You can change the weight, the time spent or the number of repetitions in one exercise, or you can switch to an exercise that helps you achieve a similar result to freshen things up. Changing your workout routine in every few weeks is advisable if you want the results to keep on coming. Professional athletes know this, so they usually change their exercises when they are off season.

7. Doing push-ups the wrong way.

The most common mistakes people make when doing push-ups are letting elbows flare out, your hips sag, you don’ t keep your spine straight but let it drop to the ground.

To do push- ups right your knees should be locked, your arms should fully extend and carry the full load of the exercise. Of course, your spine needs to be erected and your chest should gently brush the ground when you are in the lowest position.