7 Hacks To Make Running Easier

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When you start running, it may feel like a chore that you are forced to perform. If you feel this way, you will not feel motivated to continue running and will eventually find excuses to skip or to stop completely. In the next paragraphs, you will read some suggestions to make running more fun and easier for you.

Find Your Perfect Pace

Running pace depends on each individual’s experience. So don’t try to speed up and match the pace of your friends. Find your own pace which makes your heart beat faster but not too fast that it leaves you gasping for breath. Once your body gets used to the regimen, then that’s the time that you can speed up.

Have Fun

Run with friends who has a similar pace with you, bring along your special set of music to listen to or have your pet to keep you company. There are many ways you can make your runs easier and more enjoyable. You can even combine your running with having an adventure by seeking out different spots to run in.

Reward Yourself


Give yourself a treat once you achieve a milestone in running. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive treat. It could be a massage, an aromatherapy session at home, or even a night out with friends. It will motivate you to continue running and will make you look forward to those treats.

The Right Shoes

It is a common mistake for runners to just run without any regard to the proper shoe requirement when running. Running puts a lot of pressure on the different parts of your feet and legs. The shoes that you use should be able to absorb some of the stress and pressure or else you can injure yourself.

Run Uphill

Running uphill might sound extreme for you but it will make your legs stronger. Once you get used to running uphill, you will find it easier to run on a flat surface and you might start looking for more challenging runs.

Mix it Up

Don’t just run. Do other exercises to avoid boredom. You can swim, hike, ride a bike or even do brisk walking. Changing your exercise every now and then will help you ease boredom and keep you on your toes.  This will also help you work out different parts of your body.

Eat and Drink

Running can take a toll on your body. Make sure that you drink enough water to rehydrate and eat healthy foods that will provide the necessary nutrients in your body. Do not try to starve yourself. Not eating the correct kind of food and drinking enough water can cause health problems.


Running is a good way to exercise and keep you healthy. It stimulates the blood to circulate more and keeps your heart pumping. As with any kind of exercise, dedication to running is necessary to reap the benefits that it can bring.  The saying: “No pain, no gain” is never truer in this case.