6 Unexpected Habits Which May Accelerate Fat Loss

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If you want to lose weight, there are no magic pills that will help you make long term, healthy progress. Without any doubt, in order to slim down you need to cut out junk food and start being active. Sitting on a couch the entire day and eating pancakes for breakfast, burgers for lunch, chips for dinner, and fatty, sugary snacks in between will definitely not help you in the weight loss process.

However, sometimes even proper nutrition doesn’t give quick enough results, which can lead to frustration. Luckily, there are some simple habits you can develop and see the fat just melting from your body.

1. Snack in between meals.

Not snacking won’t make you lose weight – quite the opposite. The less meals you have the slower your metabolism. It would be ideal to eat 5-6 times per day in order to speed up your weight loss process. But don’t let this be an encouragement to snack on unhealthy foods. Eat a vegetable salad, or some small piece of lean meat as a snack.

Snacking will make you less hungry when the time for a real meal comes, so you’ll eat less and won’t be craving for unhealthy foods, as your body will be satisfied. Eating several smaller meals also helps you keep your blood sugar levels controlled, so you’ll no longer have hunger strikes.

2. Eat more fiber-rich foods.

Besides helping your digestion and keeping you regular, fiber also keeps you feeling full for longer, according to a study published in Nutrition in 2005. Make eating high-fiber foods your daily habit and you’ll see how much faster you’ll lose weight. Oatmeal or apples are some of the best choices, but find your own favorite fiber-rich food and enjoy.


3. Drink less juice.

Juices and sodas you can buy in stores are usually packed with sugars and a glass can contain the same number of calories as one good meal, or even more. So wouldn’t you rather eat something than drink those liquid calories? Water is your best drink, but you can also enjoy coffee, tea, or freshly squeezed juices with no added sugars without guilt. As you cut down on juices and soda you will notice you started losing fat faster.

4. Brush your teeth after every meal.

Besides being good for your oral hygiene, brushing your teeth after every meal can prevent you from snacking afterwards. Snacking is usually good, but in between meals and not immediately after, as it usually then leads to overeating and gaining weight. If your breath is fresh and minty, you will think twice before snacking on something (especially something sweet and high-cal).

5. Drink lots of water.

You may think water is adding up to your overall weight, but the fact is your body needs water to function. When your body falls into a state of dehydration it can cause you to feel tired and feel hungry all the time, which can lead to significant weight gain.

Remember: sometimes when you feel hungry, maybe you’re just thirsty.

Water also helps your body flush out toxins and increases the speed of fat burning. It is most effective if you drink it before each meal, and drink at least one big glass. In general, you should never drink less than eight glasses of water per day, and in summer, when we lose significant amounts of liquid through sweat you should try to drink more than that. Water will help you feel fresh, less hungry and will speed up your metabolism.

6. Meditate.

Most people struggling with weight are emotional eaters and stress makes them crave certain foods that cause fat gain. Also, if you are under stress, your cortisol levels raise and make it more difficult to lose weight. Meditation helps you relax and become more aware of your emotions, which leads to better control and accelerated fat loss. This is a good habit, not only for weight loss, but for your overall wellbeing.