10 Most Common Causes of Muscle Loss

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1. Not Eating Enough Calories

Simply not eating enough is a common cause of muscle loss. Eating healthy used to be largely synonymous with eating fewer calories. While this is still true in a lot of ways (hey, it wouldn’t make sense to eat a box of donuts when you say you’re trying to gain muscle, right?), not eating enough calories might be getting in your way of achieving muscle growth and definition.


The main purpose of eating food is because our diet supplies nutrition and “raw material” for the physiological processes of the body.

We need carbohydrates for energy, fruits and vegetables for the nutrition they provide, and protein to help rebuild muscle. Protein is continuously broken down and synthesized in the body. Our muscles, which are mostly made of protein, are especially sensitive to this protein turnover.

If you are training really hard but are not gaining enough muscle, chances are your basal metabolism plus your added strenuous physical activity are putting your body in a catabolic state. Eating on a deficit, especially if you’re lifting heavy loads, will cause your body to use your muscles for the protein supply needed to run your other organs. This will make it hard for you to maintain an ideal muscle mass as a result.

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